Watt Mining Hotels
Decentrilized green mining with Watt. Token holders and Mining enthusiasts can develop and mine with Watt's Green Mining farms.
Or mine cryptocurrency with our equipment!
2 WATT = 1 kW = 1 liter of water
Go Green:
We believe that mining can be green and be beneficial to communities.
Watt community builds mining farms that are powered by hydro plants on rivers that flow mostly unused with great potential.
Our community partners with leading companies that strive in generation of power with zero environmental impact.
Mining economics:
Due to smart and technological designs Watt Mining Facilities will provide 1KW as low as 0.0302 US dollars per 1 KW.
Our first partnering crypto mining hotels are based in Kyrgyzstan, the country with 96% of energy generated by hydro power. Kyrgyzstan has one of the highest shares of renewable electricity in the world.
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Recieve 1% Transaction Tax From Every Watt Transcation
To encourage sustainable mining and Watt usage, Watt Community redistributes 1% Transaction Tax from every Watt transaction among registered Mining Hotels.
For every 1MW capacity recieve 100k Watt after 1 Month of Watt use

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