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If you are provider of the crypto mining hotel based on renewable energy, we welcome you to join our Watt community as a partner.

To scale up our Watt token use, we invite green mining farms to use Watt token for their operational transactions.

What we offer:
For every 1 megawatt of the green mining hotel capacity, we donate you 100 000 watt tokens. There is no requirement to hold them or restrictions to sell. It is yours and up to you to decide what to do with it.

Your commitment is only to use Watt for operational transactions. We expect that all the clients of your green mining hotel, will use Watt token to pay for your energy and maintenance service. For this commitment, you receive 100 000 watt tokens for free and 1% of all Watt transactions, will be equally distributed among our partners.

It is a risk free, win-win strategy, where the growing turnover of the token increase Watt cost, benefiting all Watt holders. There is no commitment to hold Watt, once you receive the payment, it is up to you to decide if you want immediately to convert it to other crypto currency or stable coin.

To apply for partnering mining hotel, we request to submit us details of your crypto mining hotel, proof of your green energy source (picture with a sign of Watt in it, you can download Watt logo. and send us your wallet address to
Our team will revise your application and if approved, your 100 000 watt per 1 megawatt of capacity will be sent after we confirm your first operational transactions for the applied capacity.
In other words, we want to make sure that you do use Watt token for operational cost and that your capacity is really what you declared. We estimate that operational cost for 1 megawatt capacity should be at least 45 000 USD per month. Once we confirm your first operational transaction, Watt will be credited to your wallet. The same wallet will be used for 1% of Watt transactions bonus.
Upcoming projects
November 2021 – May 2022
Kirov hydro station and mining hotel
Capacity: 15 MegaWatt
Renting area: 2000 m2
January 2022
Chui valley underground water reserve
Acquisition of licence
Capacity: 5 million liters per day
November 2021
Alamedin goarge water reserve
Acquisition of licence
Capacity: 5 million liters per day
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